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WO Sports delivered their first ever football tournament on Saturday 17th July at Feel Good Centre.

The build up to the tournament was slow as the application for planning wasn’t submitted to the Council until 4 days prior to the event which placed all preparations on hold(fixtures, tournament rules, bouncy castle, referees, generators, maintenance department and parking). Thanks to the Sports department.

The application was passed by the Council which was very helpful and preparation started swiftly.

Monoux College failed to honour our parking agreement at the last minute having reached an agreement 8 weeks prior to the event which lead to another set back but we continued our planning we an alternative arrangement.

Head of referees was pinged by the NHS track and trace to self isolate a day before and 3 referees on the tournament day which left us very thin in number of match officials but we got through the day with delays as the competition was running 1hr 30mins behind schedule.

Record number of teams participated in the whole day event from U6s-U14s. It was a carnival like tournament having had to cancel all the side attractions due to restrictions but our celebrity master chef made the occasion.

Lesson have been learnt and we hope to deliver a master class event next summer with the help of our vibrant planning committee and other departments.

It was really nice seeing all the communities come together through the power of football.

We would like to thank all the teams, players, coaches, managers and spectators who made the day and we hope to see you all next summer.