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WO Sports has just concluded a feast of football this summer for six weeks , as many participants came from over 10 Schools within and outside the borough. It was the first time we held our camp at Leyton Sixth Form College which was a huge success seeing different participants each week of different ages, gender and abilities.

The camp was designed to help childrens’ development on social, technical and as well as physical level. The camp is vital to develop mental, technical and physical endurance in young children. Kids who can play four to five hours of football a day for five days a week are the kids who truly develop.

At WO Sports, we use game based learning approach to reduce gender and ability gap amongs kids. We make the session as fun as possible while at the same time being aware of their bodies and minds are also developing through our training. The six weeks summer soccer school is one which participants tend to remember as children when they grow up, Therefore we ensured that our program is contributing to their lifelong childhood learning.

We are also happy to inform Parents that we will be starting After school Club at Leyton Sixth Form College due to the success of our scholl. This will be a Monday-Friday program, starting from 6-7pm. More informations on this activities will be announced over the next coming days.

Our next camp will be the October Half Term Holiday which will be held at LSC.